Our Production Team members are the overall service architects, from slides, sound, camera, to all other aspects of technical artistry. These are the people behind the scenes making your worship experience amazing.

Our Production Team roles consist of:
  • Audio Engineer - operates our audio equipment to allow for the optimal sound to be heard by all.
  • Camera Operator - catches every angle  to maximize the music and the message.
  • Lighting Technician - controls lighting equipment for in-person worship and live-stream broadcasts.
  • Live-Stream Technician - ensures that all equipment is in place for live-stream productions.
  • Slide Builder - creates the slides that will be used during worship.
  • Slide Advancer -  keeps projected slides in line with songs and talking points in the service.
  • Photographer - captures moments throughout services and church events to share on social media platforms.

Our Production Team is for those who enjoy the technical aspects and behind the scenes details of being involved in our worship service. This team is all about creating an experience where people can get the most out of the music and the message in order to help people stay spiritually grounded throughout the week.

Join our Production Team to....
  • grow your Give root,
  • serve using your strengths,
  • meet new people, and
  • give to others out of the abundance God has given you.

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