Meet The Team

Pastors & Staff


Pastor Mike Novotny
Lead Pastor at The CORE,
Speaker, Time of Grace
Pastor Michael Ewart
"Connection" Pastor

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Pastor Tim Glende
Lead Pastor at St. Peter,
922 Ministries Administration
Pastor Bill Monday
"Family & Outreach" Pastor
Pastor Jim Fleming
"Beyond Sunday" Pastor
Jonathan Favorite
Worship Director
Matthew Werner
Director of Youth Development

SUPPORT STAFF - Downtown Campus (The CORE)

Leslye Ulman
Executive Assistant
Tom Plamann
Technology & Creative Arts Coordinator
Alicia Mose
Media & Arts Editor
Maria Keuschel
Ministry Engagement Coordinator

SUPPORT STAFF - North Appleton Campus (St. Peter)

Rhonda Dietzler
Office Manager,
Assistant Financial Secretary
Michelle Tellock
School Secretary
Tom Dietzler
Director of Operations
Rachel Paluch
Financial Secretary
Rhonda Van Vreede
SCRIP Coordinator
Gloria Plamann
Office Support Specialist
Sharon Talbot
Office Support Specialist