jesus roots

produce the Spirit's fruit

Wouldn't you love to have more ", joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control" (Galatians 5:22-23)? This "fruit of the Spirit" grows from a close connection to Jesus -- something we call "Jesus roots."

At the CORE, your next steps for growing in faith are found in the five Jesus roots. Rooted in Jesus, the Holy Spirit produces what our own white-knuckle willpower cannot. The Spirit helps us love one another, have peace with God, rejoice always in the Lord, practice self-control against temptation, and so much more.

So what will "myRoots" plan look like? Click each root to explore ideas for your next step! When you're ready, download and complete our "myRoots" sheet and share it with a close friend!

Gather:  worship TOGETHER

What is the most awesome concert you ever attended? Can you remember going to a sporting event where the place shook with cheering? When a large group has a common passion and a united focus, powerful things happen. That's what the GATHER root is all about -- a large group passionate about God and united in praising him.
  • Join us for worship weekly.
  • Watch online if you can't make it. (It's not the same as being there, but Jesus roots will grow.)


Go solo or better together? Ask most who have successfully lost weight or overcome an addiction. Life is better together.

GROW:  devotions and prayers in the home

Relationships grow through good, frequent communication. The GROW root is about spending time daily in the home listening to God (in the Bible) and talking to God (in prayer.)

GIVE:  volunteer and give generously

Generosity shapes and changes our heart and focus, and richly blesses others. The GIVE root shifts our focus up (to God) and out (to others), instead of in (on ourselves).

Go:  Share God's love

Have you ever tried to keep good news to yourself? You feel like you're going to explode! We have good news that changes people's lives now and forever. We love others well when we share God's amazing love with them.
  • Invest. Love everyone in your life well.
  • Invite. When the time comes, invite them to come to church with you.